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Loren Walker, L2W's principal researcher, analyst and writer, has more than ten years of scientific and technical writing experience. His articles appear in peer-reviewed scientific journals, technical publications, and the popular press. Loren combines a researcher's capacity for information discovery and synthesis with a writer's knowledge of style and attention to audience engagement.

Testimonials for L2W

On quality:
"I most recently contracted with [Loren] to do some analytical work and writing for me and as always he produced quickly and with his usual high quality."
   -Dr. Nan C. Vance, Senior Research Scientist USFS

On writing:
"The draft [article] is excellent. The main points are accurately and succinctly captured and clearly expressed. I have no suggestions for the text--it looks great as is."
- Deana Crumbling, US EPA Office of Superfund Remediation & Technology Innovation

The L2W approach to scientific and technical communications:

  1. Know what you don't know
  2. Revise, revise, revise
  3. Repeat as necessary

...and never miss a deadline.


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